portrait of David Soto in black and white
Hello, I'm Soto!
I'm a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer from San Diego, California. I create & design fully responsive websites for small businesses.

Some of my recent work...

About Me

Hi! My name is Soto, and I'm a San Diego based Freelance Web Developer. My passion lives in technology & coding, but when I'm not writing code, I'm outdoors exploring the city or surfing at the beach. I create beautiful & modern websites for small businesses.

I help businesses stand out and make a web presence in today's digital era. I have a multitude set of skills, ranging from design, to HTML5 - CSS3 - Responsive Design - JavaScript - React. As well for the back-end, Node - Express - MySQL - MongoDB and many more!


How I approach the design process. Functionality & elegance can coexist. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.


I love coding things from scratch, I like experimenting and using my imagination. I'm familiar with other frameworks like Bootstrap, Flex, & CSS Grid.


I help businesses bring their brand to a larger crowd with search engines optimization(SEO) & social media marketing.

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